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Mission and Vision


The Vision of the Department is to achieve academic Excellence and train Researchers, Art Educators, Historians, Aestheticians, Critics and Allied Art Professionals in line with the aspirations of Ghana’s human resource development goals.

Mission of The Department

The Mission of the Department is to offer excellent academic training that will equip students who enrol on the Department’s programmes to become professional Art Educators, Art Critics, Art Historians, Education and Art administrators, Curators and experts in allied art disciplines.

The Department is also committed to research that is geared towards finding solutions to local problems in Art education and African Art as well as providing consultancy and professional extension services in the respective course descriptions to Schools, Colleges, Polytechnics, Universities, Research, Arts and Cultural-Oriented Institutions in Ghana.

Core Values

The Core Values of the Department are derived from those of the Faculty of Art and the College of Art and Social Sciences in particular and that of the University as a whole.

The core values are:

  • Leadership in innovation and technology
  • Culture of excellence
  • Diversity and equal opportunity for all
  • Integrity and stewardship of resources

The Department Plan

The Department Plan is based on the University Development Plan in general and that of College of Art and Social Sciences in particular.

It aims at creating an enabling environment to carry out its Mission and Objectives towards the realization of its Vision.

In the Plan are strategies to address Capacity Building, Resource Constraints, Infrastructure Development and the Development of Information Technology, a strategy that would facilitate Teaching and Research.

The ultimate aim of the plan is to overcome resource constraints that have strangled the progress of teaching and learning.

The Plan also targets stakeholders who would partner the Department to carry out training that addresses the Socio-Economic needs of the country and also, to make that training job friendly.