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About Us

Welcome to the department of General Art Studies, the only department that exclusively offers postgraduate courses.

Established in 1952 as a centre that prepared art teachers to teach in the secondary and teacher training colleges in Ghana, the department now offers postgraduate programmes as MA, MPhil and PhD in Art Education and African Art and Culture. Presently, the department consists of two sections, the Art Education section and African Art and Culture section.

Our mission is to achieve Academic Excellence and train Researchers, Educators and Art Administrators, Art historians, Aestheticians, Critics Curators and Allied professionals in line with global human resource development goals. Our student population for the 2010/2011 academic year was 72 including two foreign students from the USA and Nigeria respectively.

I invite you to now to journey through the pages of our website to get a better insight into and a wonderful experience of what transpires at the department.