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Welcome Message From The Head of Department

Dr. Harry Barton Essel Welcome to the Department of Educational Innovations in Science and Technology (DEIST), Faculty of Educational Studies. We are pleased to have you visit our website. The department remains one of the main divisions providing the nation with professionally qualified educators, teachers, supervisors and administrators. Specializing in Post Graduate and Undergraduate study in the field of Art Education, Educational Leadership and Innovation Science. The department targets practitioners desirous of developing their innovative skills in pedagogy, school management and policy, guidance and counselling and research in education.
This focus permeates the five (5) programmes we run at the Department.
⦁    MA Art Education 
⦁    MPhil Art Education (With Specialisations in Visual Art Studio Areas) 
⦁    MSc Educational Innovations and Leadership Science 
⦁    MPhil MSc Educational Innovations and Leadership Science 
⦁    PhD Art Education

Our Mission & related strategies

1)    To nurture outstanding graduates who are competent, committed to the profession and to lifelong learning through dedicated and innovative pedagogy and total-person education.
a.    Conceptualise, share and develop new pedagogical practices that 
enhance learning and teaching and personal and professional growth.
b.    Nurture the humanistic approach in our practices while serving as role-
    models to our students.
2)    To promote innovative academic and professional knowledge through accomplished research, scholarship of teaching and learning and engaged community service.
a.    Integrate research, teaching and service.
b.    Identify key areas where this integration can be manifested and have an impact on the local and international community.
c.    Continue to seek support for new initiatives that will facilitate educational study and practice.
3)    To enhance comprehensive educational and research development through collaboration with local and international academic and professional institutes.
a.    Initiate exchange and collaboration initiatives which harness the potential for teaching, learning and research development.
b.    Integrate international collaborative elements into the development of existing and new programmes.
Enjoy browsing our website!

Dr. Harry Barton Essel,
Head of Department


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Posted: 04 Jun 2021