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Bachelor of Education Upper Primary Specialism (Top Up)

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This Bachelor of Basic Education Degree (B.Ed.) Upper Primary specialism is fully aligned with the expectations, principles and practices set out in the National Teacher Education Curriculum Framework (NTECF). Student teachers pursuing this degree (Top up) will be fully prepared to meet the National Teachers’ Standard (NTS) and to be assessed against it. The intention of this B.Ed. JHS curriculum is to transform initial teacher education (ITE) and through this secure the training of highly qualified, motivated new teachers who are able to inspire their learners to achieve better outcomes in basic education.

Entry requirement

Applicants must satisfy the following requirements for admission:

hold the Diploma of Basic Education (Education with a grade point (GPA) of at least 2.0 or better) or equivalent from an approved College of Education; or hold a Bachelor degree or equivalent from an approved tertiary institution with an end-on integrated professional teaching qualification (such as a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma). Applicants with Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma may be admitted to the Top up Bachelor of Education programmes on the basis of professional attainment and/or work experience.